Latest news:


    I was banned. Cause for panic?


    Skins of 5 FUTURE LEAGUES founded!

  • MK11 XYZ Unlocker v1.8 Actual

    Released v1.8 version of MK11 Unlocker. Joker fixed and more else

  • Joker WB update servers

    Joker can`t be unlocked now. WB servers is updated, so I need more time to fix this problem

  • Joker Database update

    Joker full unlocked!!!

  • MK11 XYZ Unlocker v1.7 Actual

    Released v1.7 version of MK11 Unlocker

  • Unlocker v1.6 Outdated

    Released v1.6 version of MK11 Content Unlocker

  • Unlocker v1.4 Outdated

    Released v1.4 version of MK11 Content Unlocker

  • I found new fighters in the game memory

    I found new fighters in the game memory

  • Found a way to unlock online League costumes

    Found a way to unlock online League costumes

  • Unlocker v1.2 Outdated

    The new version of my unlocker of content for Mortal Kombat 11. Now it can open new skins, equipment, brutality, intro, change the player's level and more flexibly manage currencies.

    New features:
    • Ability to change your player level (from 1 to 200)
    • Ability to unlock skins, equipment, brutality, fatality, intros, outros and taunts.

    There is no way to unlock all this for 100% right now, because to unlock every item you need to know its personal identifier. We collect these identifiers on our server, from which the program then takes them. At the moment, the database contains more than 85% of all items of equipment and skins. Unlocked 99.9% of all finishes, intros, taunts, etc.
    The base of unlocks will be updated every few days, so you can run the program again in a week and get new unlocks.

  • Unlocker v0.2 Beta Outdated

    The first public version of MK11 Content Unlocker (beta).

    Unlocker features:
    • Unlocking game content: all items in the collection, including recipes, all icons and backgrounds of combat-card and all unlockable krypt items (such as the amulet of Cetrion, particles of the One Being, heads of fighters., etc.) and the voices of commentators (Kronika, Raiden, Johnny Cage). Perhaps something else that we did not notice :)
    • Ability to get any game currency (Koins, Souls, Hearts, Krystals, Easy Fatalities, Skips of battle, Equipment flow tokens)